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Got Questions?

                  We have answers.

  • "Where do you perform hair & makeup?""
    In NY, We have a studio in Flatiron where we hold our trials and other glam appointments. For wedding days and FL trials/appointments, we are a travel to you service. Services are held at your requested location. Hotels, venues, your home, your friends/familys home. Wherever you need us, we will be there.
  • Can I book a trial before I book my wedding?
    We do not offer this option. Book us knowing that you trust our team's ability to perform beautiful artistry and bring good energy. You can refer to our instagram for photos/videos of our work. We also have over 100+ five star reviews from our past clients.
  • After booking, when can I add services until?
    You can add services whenever. ASAP though is best to make sure we have enough available artists that you would need with the getting ready time frame you have.
  • Our bride minimum explained:
    Brides that do not meet the min. for 3 friends + fam hair will have an added rate of 80 on their hair. Brides that do not meet the min. for 3 friend + fam makeup will have an added rate of 80 on their makeup.
  • "Is booking a trial required?""
    No, it's totally up to you. However we do HIGHLY recommend having one. We have found brides that book trials with us are more at ease on their big day. By having a trial, you will be able to try different looks and we can help you figure out what will work best for you. You will be able to finalize on a look and know that there will be no suprises day of.
  • "When should I have my trial?/ What should I expect?""
    We always recommend having your trial 4-3 months before your wedding date. When scheduling your trial, you should already have you dress/outfit picked out. This helps when choosing the right glam to go with your whole look. When booking, we will send you over some questions and ask for your inspiration photos so we can be prepared. Trials usually take around 1.5 hours so we can make sure to go over all options/ ideas.
  • What is your "Quick Groom" service about?
    Quick Groom is for anyone that wants a 20min camera ready, woke up like this service. Includes mainly skincare, concealer and powder.
  • "What kind of products do you use?""
    All our artists kits are stocked with products of high quality. Your artist will choose what will work best for you based on what your needs are. If you choose to use a product that you personally own, we have no problem applying it for you. **If you're allergic to any specific ingredients, we are knowledgeable in product and can work around any allergy.
  • "Where are you based?""
    We are based out of NJ/NYC and Miami. We are open to travel/destination.
  • "Will the artist(s) at my trial be the same artist(s) for my wedding?""
    Yes. After you have your trial with us, you will be able to lock in your wedding date with the artists from your trial.
  • "What happens if the artist(s) from my trial falls ill or has an emergency on the day of my wedding/event?"
    In case of emergencies or other conflicts, we will send another artist. This is why we take pictures and detailed notes during your trial. Your special wedding day "formula" will be passed to another artist so they can replicate the look. Keep in mind, this is only under serious circumstances.
  • "I will be having a large bridal party/ will need a lot of services. Will you have enough artists to accomadate?""
    Yes! We will deffinitley be able to accomodate however many services are needed. We do reccomend booking as early as possible though to ensure that all the artists needed are available for your date and they can be locked in.
  • I have a diverse group, do you serve hair and makeup services for all skin and hair types?
    YES. We will not ask anyone to bring their own foundation or push you to straighten your curls.

Love Wins.

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