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DIY Hydrating Hair Mask

Finding the right hair mask can be difficult especially if your hair is dry and nothing works. "I can so vouch for that, I have that blonde curly hair that's only used to frizz and dry random pieces. I did my research and stumble on this easy recipe that I actually had in my kitchen. Who knew all you needed to do is a hydrating mask once a week, with Avacado, Honey, & Olive oil." Click on the video below to watch the tutorial. :)

What you'll need:

-1 Ripe Avacado

-2 Tablespoons of Honey

-2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

*Leave on for 25-30 mins. Rinse well.

*We recommend using a blender, it could get messy otherwise.


-Olive oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that help scalp health and prevent dandruff. Super lightweight and adds extreme moisture.

-Honey has rich antioxidant properties that prevent damage, containing proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Adds complete shine.

-Avocado helps repair & nourishes the scalp. Rich in proteins, amino acids, & vitamins. This helps with dry/ itchy scalps.






Love Wins.

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