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4 Different Kind of Hair Waves To Consider For Your Desired Hairstyle

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Whether you're getting married on the beach or a classic ballroom, soft romantic beach hairstyles can work even if your wedding isn't on a beach. Finding the perfect wave is a little tricky. There are so many different types of waves & we know it can be confusing but not to worry! We broke it down into 4 major categories. When it comes to finding the perfect wave is all about figuring out which hairstyle goes with your style.

What's the difference between a curl & a wave?

Listen up ladies, curls, & waves are totally different! Yes, a wave is a curl but it lies between being straight and being curly. A curl is more spiraled all the way around, compared to a soft relaxed wave.

Beachy But Polished


Our bride Laura was looking for a polished beachy wave to match her Bohemian style dress. This type of wave still has the effect of being fun relaxed and still has the appearance of a curl. For Laura's wave, we started Mid-strand creating a more settle curl and towards the bottom, we went for more of a straighter end. Instead of running your fingers through the hair which creates texture we united the waves so it looks more polished.

Old Hollywood Wave


An Old Hollywood wave is one of our top requested looks for C+C brides. From the red carpet to your wedding day this look is elegant and timeless. This wave is for when you want to achieve a polish glamour look. Nothing says va-va-voom, then a classic 1950's wave. The Old Hollywood Wave consists of an "S shape" pattern. As you can see from the picture above: from top to bottom the wave is bouncy smooth and curled all the way through.

Tousled Textured Wave


Tousled waves are great for really any length hair. This wave is easy to dress up with any hair accessory and still keeping it simple. When it comes to this style the main goal is to look perfectly undone. It's all about creating texture and making different wave patterns. There is really no right or wrong way when achieving this style.

The Barely There Wave


The barley there wave is natural and effortless, it's the perfect un-done windblown hairstyle out there. Brides love the barley there wave because they don't have to worry about their hair falling throughout their wedding. This style is meant to look piece-y and natural. The barley there wave consists of straight ends, no curls, just straight up texture.

We hope we helped you understand the differences in waves/curls!

C+C :)


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