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5 Top Wedding Hairstyles For When You Say "I Do"

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

We get how hard it is to decide what hairstyle is "the one" that matches you and your personal style for you big day. As simple as it may seem there's so much that goes into picking the right 'do. First steps in figuring out your bridal hairstyle will be if it's either all going up, all going down or half up- half down. We've picked 5 looks from previous weddings jobs and here are our top requested looks.

Curly Updo


Step away from the hot tools and embrace those locks sista! Curly hair has the ability to be romantic and soft. Curly updos are great for summer weddings where humidity might strike and make you loose your cool. This 'do will help tame your curls and help you skip the blow drying and curling it all over again. Remember anything all up will be longer lasting.

Half up- Half down

Half up -Wedding-hairstyle-waves-halo-hair-blonde-halfdown-boho

This hairstyle is ideal for the person who can't decide whether to do all up or all down this is the best in between. When it comes to this style we feel this is the hairstyle that screams timeless. You can add a cool braid or a twist. The half up- half down is an amazing foundation for a veil or a hair accessory.

Textured Updo


If your looking for a less structured more relaxed style a textured updo is certainly for you. This hairstyle works for all hair types. Textured updos are simple, sophisticated & chic. We get how polished hairstyles feel too "bridal" or too formal but this type of updo is still stylish & elegant.

All Down, Waved Out


Loose waves are great for any length hair. Waves embraces laid back texture and pulls away from tight structured curls. Whimsical, elegant or glamorous, this look can suit all types of brides. Less is more. Pair it with a simple headband/ head peice.

Textured Ponytail


Textured ponytails are one of the hottest hair trends of the year. Ponytails aren't just reserved for a causal run to the store or a workout class you can take it to the next level with waves & some wispy pieces. Textured ponytails can be either high, low, beachy waved, or curled. We are loving this ponytail trend.

Hope we helped you narrow down which style suits you the best!

As always, please reach out to us with any questions at all.




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