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Hair & Makeup Tips For Florida Brides

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Getting married in Florida? Then this one is for you! If you know Florida, you know the feeling and the word HUMIDITY! Frizzy hair and patchy skin is a no-no for your wedding day so, we came up with a few helpful beauty tips for the big day to help keep your hair & face looking good through all the heat.

Skincare/ Makeup Tips

We get how nerve-racking it is to do your makeup on a hot sunny day, especially on your wedding day. Nerves are running, jitters are kicking in and boom your makeup is melting off your face. No one wants that! Not to worry, here are some tips to consider before your wedding day.

Skincare: To prep for warm-weather make sure to hydrate, yes it does help! The more you hydrate the more it will help improve your complexion for healthy and glowing skin.

Sunscreen is a must for everyday use but especially in the heat. Sunscreen will help you prevent skin damage & help your skin stay smooth and moisturized.

The day before your wedding you can do a natural face mask like:

– Anything with honey for dry skin,

– Lemon & rose water-based packs for oily skin

– Lemon & honey for combination skin

For the day-of exfoliate lightly and use a lightweight eye cream & moisturizer.

Makeup: They're two ways you can go about makeup and it all comes down to your skin type. First, we would definitely recommend using a lightweight moisturizer and mattifying primer. When it comes to makeup there is traditional makeup and airbrush makeup.

For high heat & humidity we would recommend Airbrush makeup. It gives light-medium coverage. Airbrush makeup is good for oily or combo skin because it has mattifying agents within its products which will help prevent your skin from getting oily faster.

Traditional makeup is good for brides who are looking for full coverage which helps hid away any blemishes or acne. Traditional makeup is perfect for dry skin or combination skin.

If you won't be outdoors in the heat too much, traditional makeup may work.

You can also always do a mix of both Airbrush and traditional.

Haircare Tips

When we think of outdoor weddings in the summer, we think of sweat and humidity. Two things that no one likes. But when it comes to hair, preparation is key! First things first, make sure to do a conditioning treatment and a trim 1 week prior to your wedding day. This will help your hair from wispy dead ends & condition any flyaways. Using anything with coconut oil in your hair is great to strengthen hair and nourish the scalp.

*Remember using serums & hair masks before your big day will increase strength and heat resistance.

Fine hair has the tendency to struggle in hot weather & always finds a way to get limp. But we found the best method for limp hair would be, using a volumizing mousse to pump up those roots! If you're a bride who tends to sweat by just even looking at the sun, we suggest going with your hair's natural texture so that it doesn't get unruly and you know what to expect. For long-lasting hairstyles in hot weather opt-in for an updo, it will keep you cool and will look elegant.

We hope this prep guide will help you on a hot humid day!




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