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How To Create a Low Twisted Messy Bun

Messy buns are perfect for last-minute casual night plans or a night of celebrations. There fun elegant and are always unique. They also work well as a bridesmaid hairstyle. The beauty in them is that they're are imperfectly perfect. Check out our video on how to create: Low Twisted Messy Bun!

Suggestions/ Tools

Dirty hair always works best when creating an updo. We're talking about 2nd-day hair ladies!

Not to worry if your hair is freshly washed grab some dry shampoo and some grip powder and work it into your root.

Make sure to have Bobby pins, a teasing comb, hair ties, holding spray, dry shampoo, heat protector & last but not least a 1-inch curling iron.

Before starting your updo, prep the hair with a heat protector, dry shampoo & holding spray.

We suggest curling lightly the hair with a curling iron to give the hair some texture and movement. A 1" inch curling and or a wand.

STEP 1: Divide the front pieces of your hair with sectioning clips and a comb.

STEP 2: At the crown take your teasing comb & push from the mid-strand to the root to create a tease.

STEP 3: Smooth over just the top of where you teased.

STEP 4: Begin by sectioning your crown and section it all the way down the middle of your head.

STEP 5: Start twisting the section & grab hair ties & bobby pins.

STEP 6: Twist that section into a rope braid to form the bun.

STEP 8: Secure with a hair tie & bobby pins

STEP 9: The section that's left out, pull back and twist loosely into the bun


STEP 11: Remove hair clips from the front pieces.

VA VA VOOM! Go on and slay!

I hope our guide will help you achieve the most imperfectly perfect bun!! :)



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