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To Veil Or Not To Veil! Finding The Right Hairstyle To Fit The Right Veil

Wedding attire has changed over the years but one thing that stuck around is the Veil. Between birdcage veils and cathedral veils there are so many types of styles, lengths and different details that goes into picking the perfect wedding accessory. Besides picking the veil you have to also decide the right hairstyle that compliments it. Follow these tips to help you decide which veil to pick for your special day.

The Birdcage Veil


Birdcage Veils are great for those brides who like the vintage/chic look. This veil works for brides who have shorter hair. You can either wear it up into an updo or down with a vintage wave.

The Mantilla Veil


Mantilla Veils are also known as a Spanish veil. This type of veil is usually circular and full of lace to frame the brides face. Wearing hair all down with loose waves or pulled back away from the face into a low updo works best for this type of veil.

The Fingertip Veil


Fingertip veils are one of the most popular veils in the world. It's called "Fingertip" veil because the length of the veil reaches the brides fingertips. You can pair any hairstyle with this veil. We suggest a updo or a half up - half down looks best with this veil.

The Cathedral Veil


Cathedral veil is all about the drama. It's a longer length veil & it usually reaches anywhere from 108-120 inches. The perfect fit to walk down a long aisle with and make a statement. Since this veil is long it may weigh so, we suggest a half up - half down hairstyle or an updo so that the veil can have something to really hold on to.



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Laura Gren
Laura Gren
10 sept. 2021

Hi thanks for shharing this


Love Wins.

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